21 septembre 2007

Sony Ericsson Considering Windows Mobile Device

By Ingrid Lunden - Thu 20 Sep 2007 02:31 PM PST Apparently Sony (NYSE: SNE) Ericsson (NSDQ: ERIC) has placed an ODM order for Windows-based phones with Taiwanese handset maker HTC, according to a report in the Chinese-language Taiwan financial paper Commercial Times (via English-language The Unwired). If it's true, the news would be big on two levels: it would be Sony Ericsson's first major departure from the Symbian platform it has championed and invested in; and it would apparently be HTC's first deal with a tier-one... [Lire la suite]
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07 septembre 2007

HP Mobile phone

-- HP is moving into the mobile space, a notable development because of the companies size and deep pockets. The two phones are 3G and aimed at business users. "The new phones are a key part of HP's efforts to expand its iPAQ brand of handheld products beyond PDA devices, which still sell briskly, though their popularity is fading in favor of more phone-like gadgets" notes AP
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04 septembre 2007

Go Play : Nokia dévoile quatre appareils optimisés pour le divertissement, la musique et les jeux

  Edition du 29.08.07 Parallèlement à l'introduction d'Ovi, sa nouvelle offre de services Internet, Nokia présente aujourd'hui quatre nouveaux appareils mobiles spécialement optimisés pour le divertissement, la musique et les jeux. Chaque appareil offre des touches dédiées pour la musique ou le jeu, une mémoire étendue, un large écran à la luminosité éclatante et des performances de batterie étendues pour garantir l'accès rapide et facile au contenu du divertissement. La... [Lire la suite]
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03 septembre 2007

Playstation Phone Being Looked At, But Don’t Hold Your Breath

By James Quintana Pearce - Tue 28 Aug 2007 06:08 AM PST PocketGamer cornered Peter Ahnegard, Partner Manager Games and Graphics at Sony Ericsson, at the Leipzig Games Convention and got his perspective on mobile games, while trying to get him to let slip some info about a Playstation Phone. Ahnegard gave an answer I’ve heard before, which talks about extending brands and "living up to the values" of the brands, but comes down to Sony Ericsson thinking it can make a good musicphone and a good cameraphone, but not yet a... [Lire la suite]
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27 août 2007

Allo, je t’appelle de ma PSP…

Le 23-aoû-2007 Cette phrase ne sera bientôt plus de la pure science-fiction. En effet l’opérateur britannique de télécoms BT vient d’annoncé avoir développé avec Sony un nouveau système qui, d’ici quelques mois, va permettre aux utilisateurs de la console portable Sony PSP de l’utiliser comme un téléphone mobile. Démarrant probablement à l’orée de 2008, ce service baptisé « Go ! Messenger » devrait cumuler appels vocaux, appels vidéo et messagerie instantanée aux fonctionnalités existantes de la PSP. Pour ce faire, il fera... [Lire la suite]
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17 août 2007

Nokia's Mosh Allows Copyright-Infringing Sharing

By James Quintana Pearce - Wed 15 Aug 2007 05:23 AM PST Stuart Dredge over at PocketGamer has checked out Nokia's new social networking site Mosh and noticed something that is likely to get Nokia in trouble at some point. "On the 'Most Recent' games uploads page we've found full versions of EA Mobile's Burnout and FIFA 2007 3D, Gameloft's Guitar Legend, and Glu's Project Gotham Racing...We downloaded FIFA, and it worked first time on our N73." It's in private beta at the moment, so... [Lire la suite]
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02 août 2007

Motorola is working with Microvision

--Motorola is working with Microvision to develop pico projectors for mobile handsets—the idea is that the phones will “project Web sites, presentations and multimedia visuals onto a nearby surface”. Microvision reckons its laser-based projector PicoP is small and doesn’t use much power, making it appropriate for handsets reports RCR News.
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20 juillet 2007

Earnings: Handset Manufacturers Q2 Earnings; Motorola Down, LG Up, Sony Ericsson Up

By James Quintana Pearce - Thu 19 Jul 2007 08:10 AM PST As it warned Motorola has posted a net loss for the second quarter ending June 30, reporting a net loss of $28 million compared to a profit of $1.38 billion a year ago. The ailing handset business dragged down the overall results, with sales falling 19.3 percent year-on-year to $8.7 billion. Motoroal shipped 35.5 million mobile handsets in the quarter, down from 45.4 million for the first quarter and 65.7 million in the last quarter of 2006,... [Lire la suite]
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19 juillet 2007

Samsung’s Joystick Phone

By James Quintana Pearce - Wed 18 Jul 2007 12:30 PM PST Samsung has filed a patent which involves using the bottom half of a flip-phone as a joystick. “It may sound simple, but it actually requires a very complex mechanism consisting of multiple magnets and Hall effect integrated circuits to capture 3D movements of a joystick and turn them into the game control signals” reports Into Mobile. It’s a great sounding idea, but even if it worked I can see the two halves of the phone being torn... [Lire la suite]
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03 juillet 2007

Nokia Targets N-gage Platform To PC

Nokia Targets N-gage Platform To PC By James Quintana Pearce - Mon 02 Jul 2007 10:46 PM PST Nokia is expanding its N-gage gaming platform to include PCs and is developing a game—Project White Rock—as a demonstration game. “While we currently have few details regarding gameplay, we do know that ‘Project White Rock’ possesses over a thousand lines of recorded dialogue. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a role-playing game, though, as our sources indicate otherwise. We’re also told the game’s... [Lire la suite]
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