Nokia’s N-Gage Games Just For Show

  • Posted by James Quintana Pearce
  • Tue 06 Mar 2007 03:09 PM

Mobile Industry Biz has an interview with Antoine Doumenc head of global sales for games at Nokia, about the upcoming N-Gage platform the company has been making noise about recently. It covers Nokia’s plans to market the platform as a place gamers know they can get quality games, and talks about the companies own game developing efforts. “Our first-party game development is to showcase, test and to show that Nokia is also a publisher who wants to make proper gaming titles. We did a lot of work with the original N-Gage over some time and we learnt a lot from that so it would be foolish to not make the most of it,” said Doumenc, adding that the Nokia games were designed to show of a particular feature rather than be the best titles...he was at pains to emphasize that Nokia wants to develop a market for other businesses, not just their own.